Is Being in a Band Still Going to Get You Chicks When You’re over 30?

So you never became a rock star. You and the boys still like to get together and churn out some music. But lately, you’ve started to wonder: is bragging to women that you’re in a band still impressive, or does it make you look immature? We’re not talking about quitting the band, but should you mention that when you’re trying to impress a woman at the bar? Should it be a cornerstone of your online dating profile, or should you skip it all together now that you’re not in your 20s anymore?

Staying Youthful Bags You Ladies Who Are Young


There’s a large percentage of young women who like older men. You seem experienced, world weary, just the right amount of experience to make them think that you’ve seen it all. Not to mention the fact that you’ve had a few extra years to get experience in bed that the co-ed down the hall she’s used to being with couldn’t even begin to match. Young women want older guys. If you look like a cool older guy, you’re all but guaranteed to score. She’ll love that you’re in a band because it makes you seem like you’re young at heart-and you are. Remember, 31 is only old to a woman who’s 22.

And Ladies Who Are Young at Heart

"Knowing how to play guitar can get you beautiful women"

“Knowing how to play guitar can get you beautiful women”

If you’re more interested in the ladies closer to your own age then staying youthful is going to attract the same. While other women are bogged down with office careers and mom jeans to hide their paunches, there are hot 30 year old ladies who are all about hooking up with men who haven’t forgotten how to have fun. Clinging to the same old dreams shows that you haven’t lost your soul to the work a day world.

So yeah, in general, bust out that guitar or those drums and play a little bit to woo your hottie new girlfriend. You’ll impress her just as much as you would have the day you turned 23.

But Make Sure You’re Not a Garage Band

"Do not brag about your band if you are not well known"

“Do not brag about your band if you are not well known”

If you’re going to pitch yourself as being part of a band, though, there’s one thing that will make it harder for you to use this to reel in pretty young things and smoking babes alike: if you’re still operating out of your garage. If you and your band have never played a venue, don’t call yourself a band member. Just say that you’re a musician and leave it at that.

If you play a couple of gigs a month, it’s okay to be in a band. Whether they only call you out to entertain at the local pub for four hours on Sunday nights or not, if you’re making even a little bit of money then you should claim that. If you’re not, and it’s strictly something you do for fun? Pretend you’re a solo artist. It seems cooler. Trust us on this. Knowing how to play an instrument is cool, but being in a failing band is not.


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