Have the Freedom of Casual Even When You’re Committed

You’re really into your committed girlfriend, but you miss some parts of your old bachelor life. You don’t want to trade in your sex life for freedom, so what can you do? With these three methods of attack you can find yourself with tons of freedom and still have a girlfriend to boot!

Have a Schedule for Meeting

"Manage your time properly"

“Manage your time properly”

You’re just the kind of guy who needs a lot of structure in your life. Or, if you’re not, you’ve decided to become the kind of guy who needs a lot of structure in his life. Either way, set up the evenings that you’re going to spend with her, and work out how attentive you need to be to her texts and calls. Once you’ve worked out the evenings and days (and nights) you’re going to be spending with her, make that time just about her. The rest of the time? That’s your time. Use it as you see fit.

Be Supportive of Her Going Out

"Let her go clubbing with her friends whenever she wants"

“Let her go clubbing with her friends whenever she wants”

If your girlfriend spends every night at home, she’s not going to be as open to you going out and doing whatever you want. She’s going to want you home with her instead of out with the guys. The simple solution? Have her go out more! You can go out on the same nights that she does, and when it’s your turn to go out with your friends she can’t really forbid you from going. She’s not going to have a leg to stand on.

By encouraging her to have a life outside of the relationship, you’ll be making room for you to have one as well. Make sure that you stay supportive through this. You just want her to be happy, that’s all. This does mean that you might not know where she is or what she’s doing 24/7. This means that you have to trust her. This is also your weapon if she ever demands to know what you’re up to when you go out. If you trust her, why can’t she just trust you?

Don’t Break Promises

Above all, you can’t give her a reason to doubt you. You have to be above suspicion. Never break a promise if there’s any way you can avoid it. Every time you say you’ll do something and don’t (or won’t and then do) you’re telling her, “Don’t trust me. I’m a liar.” Even if it’s not your fault or even if it’s actually her fault. These are the tricky parts of a relationship where common sense doesn’t really matter so much. Her feelings will be hurt, and her feelings are the difference between you having the freedom you crave and being kept on a short leash.

Once you’ve built your new routine you’ll be surprised how easy it is to settle into it. You and your girl will have a great time on your separate nights out, and you’ll have a regular meeting schedule to spend time together. As long as you don’t break her trust (or don’t let her find out) she won’t have any reason to limit your freedom even as the years roll by.


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