Why Going Dutch on Your Dates Will Make Her Like You More

You have probably been taught since childhood that you should pay for a woman’s half of the date, and it may be difficult for you to decide to split the bill when you go out on dates. Going Dutch on dates has steadily become more and more popular as time goes by, and there is a definite reason for it. Choosing to split the bill with your date instead of demanding that you pay for her half of the bill could make your date appreciate you that much more. It might seem strange to you, but there are some reasons why this can be so beneficial to you and your date. It Takes Pressure Off of Her If someone pays for your lunch, chances are that you might feel a little bit indebted to them. After all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If somebody spends money on you, you may wind up feeling obligated to return the favor in some way, or you may feel like you owe that person because they spent money on you. Most women feel this way when it comes to having their dates paid for, and it creates an uncomfortable tension that shouldn’t exist in a dating relationship. If you let her…

Using Social Media to Improve Your Chances (Without Being a Creeper)

In today’s dating world, a guy needs every bit of help he can get. This isn’t to say that you’re not a worthy catch. It is to say that dating is a competitive game. So why not use every thing you can to get an edge over all the other guys? This is where social media comes in. The fact of the matter is that people tend to interact more through social media than they do face to face. It’s convenient and it’s fast. What’s more, it’s not just men using social media to improve their chances. Women do it, too. So if you’re looking for ways to get better at the dating game, just keep reading. Be Discreet Everyone’s done it. You meet someone you like and there’s chemistry, so you go home and look them up on Facebook or Google Plus. We all fill out our social media profiles knowing that other people can read them, which means that we’re putting information out there that we want other people to read. There’s no shame in using these social media platforms to do a little research as long as you keep it discreet. For example, check out her movie and music interests. Make a mental note and the next…

How To Date a Religious Girl

It might seem counter-intuitive to think about dating or hooking up with a girl who says she’s religious, but it really isn’t as much of a dead end as you think. A lot of girls who describe themselves as religious still have sex, and are just as kinky – or kinkier – in bed than girls who are not. Why Date a Religious Girl Girls who come from religious homes or attended religious schools, tend to have gotten conflicting messages about sex and boundaries in sex. There’s a reason why there’s a stereotype of religious girls giving great blowjobs. To a religious girl, everything about sex is kinky and “dirty”, and there is nothing hotter and more of a turn on a lot of girls than kinky sex. Her Religion Makes a Difference People hold a wide variety of religious beliefs, so your first step in figuring out if there’s a possibility that you and she can work is to figure out exactly what religion this girl belongs to and what beliefs she follows. If you already know that she’s religious, it’s probably because she’s told you or posted it in her profile. If she belongs to one of the Christian religions, then her beliefs about sex might include prohibitions…

Common Dating Ground: Using Music as an Icebreaker

Approaching a girl for the first time can put you in an awkward position. Unless you’re suave and collected 24/7, encountering a gorgeous woman can really take a toll on your conversational abilities. The same goes for a first date – you need to be able to say something that can break the ice and catch her interest. Music is a topic that’s universally comfortable. Even if she’s not a huge music fan, chances are better than good that there are some bands or artists or songs she really likes. What better way to get her talking and get her interested than by asking about music? It’s How You Ask Obviously, sauntering up to her and demanding to know what kind of music she listens to right off the bat isn’t going to endear you to her. Use the topic of music as an icebreaker, which is to say you introduce yourself and let her do the same. Don’t blurt out a bland question asking her what type of music she likes. Instead find a more interesting route to bring up the topic. Be innovative with your questions and try to avoid the same old inquiries that she’s probably been subject to many times before. The Good Old Days A…


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