The Best Dates to Go On for Flirty Guys

Some of us are naturally more flirtatious than others. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it can get you into trouble sometimes. Going out of your way to caress her lower back might not be the most appropriate when you’re at the opera. Luckily there are some dates that are geared specifically towards being flirty. This way you’ll get to act natural and you’ll be in the clear for laying on the charm. While there are a ton of different flirty date ideas, aim for anything that involves more physical contact or a bonding sort of experience. Dance Class Take your date out to a local dance class. There are teachers who do different styles, but ballroom is a big hit. Swing dancing, the tango, and waltzes all involve a lot of touching between the two partners. The men in these styles of dance are also very handsy in general. You’ve got to be her support and frame for everything so often you’ll be touching her back and, if you’re doing a more advanced class, her legs and stomach. It’s pretty sexy when you’ve got some steamy music and a slithery woman in front of you. Avoid hip hop classes. While they’re really fun and might have more modern music…

The Best Dates for a Socially Awkward Guy

Not all of us were blessed with the ability to be in public and not completely shut down. Socially awkward guys might have a tough time putting themselves out there to get a date and have a good time, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to. If you’re one of those guys you’ll feel better to know that there are ways to date, even if you aren’t the slickest eel in the ocean. A few key dates can at least help you get over your weirdness around her and hopefully start up something. The Movies Other people might say that it seems really clich

Hooking Up with a Boring Woman (But At Least She’s Hot)

Sometimes you might end up living in a place where the pickings are pretty slim. The women might be unattractive, rude, or sleep around. Consider yourself lucky. Some men have to sink so low as to hook up with a boring woman. It doesn’t sound like the worst thing when you say it out loud, but think about it. When you’re having a fling with someone whose personality is as colorful as white bread you’re going to get bored along with her really quickly. The only saving grace she’s got is that she’s sexy. So how can you deal? Accept It Having sex with a boring woman and expecting her to scream like a banshee is just stupid. She’s most likely going to become a dead fish (not the squirming kind, the kind that’s been rotting in the boat). She’ll lay there and take what you’ve got, but not really do much in turn. Her bouncing bosom might be enough to quell your eyes, but that’s about all that’s going to happen on her end. What You Can Do About It You might be tempted to actually put a lot of effort in for a while. Maybe your amazing dick will be what breaks her boring shell. But most likely…


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