Why You Shouldn’t Take Her to the Movies

Going on a date to the movies is a classic scenario, and when you start meeting women more frequently you may be tempted to follow the stereotype and take her out to see a movie. This can be fine if you’re already dating a woman and you have been out together several times, but if you are just starting to date a woman you should avoid taking her out to a movie at all costs. It might seem like a cheap and easy date, but if you cop out and wind up doing it the chances of your dating relationship or hookup being successful are low. There are several reasons why you should ditch the movie date and try something else. It Will Bore Her While the movie you go see may be exciting, most likely your date will wind up being bored by the movie date in general. If she has had any experience with dating, she’s probably been on more movie dates than she can remember. If she can have any guy take her out on a movie date, you aren’t going to stick out in her mind as being particularly interesting, creative, or daring. You should stay away from movie dates for this exact reason. If your…

Why You Shouldn’t Date Women Who Live with Their Parents

Dating a woman who lives with her parents is probably one of the worst things you can do. Women who live with their parents typically end up being too exhausting to deal with and you will quickly find yourself wanting a way out of the relationship. While it may seem like it would be kind of fun and may even help you relive your younger days, dating a woman who lives with her parents is really just more trouble than it’s worth. She Always Wants to Spend Time With You Dating a woman who lives with her parents is terrible because she will always want to be with you. If she’s unable to move out on her own, chances are, she is looking for a way to be out of the house as much as possible. If you have your own place, you can be certain that she is always going to want to be there. Even if you really like her, you will get sick of seeing her face at your place all the time. The worst part is that she will slowly start trying to move in with you. You will start notice that she is leaving more and more of her things at your place and that…

Why Going Dutch on Your Dates Will Make Her Like You More

You have probably been taught since childhood that you should pay for a woman’s half of the date, and it may be difficult for you to decide to split the bill when you go out on dates. Going Dutch on dates has steadily become more and more popular as time goes by, and there is a definite reason for it. Choosing to split the bill with your date instead of demanding that you pay for her half of the bill could make your date appreciate you that much more. It might seem strange to you, but there are some reasons why this can be so beneficial to you and your date. It Takes Pressure Off of Her If someone pays for your lunch, chances are that you might feel a little bit indebted to them. After all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If somebody spends money on you, you may wind up feeling obligated to return the favor in some way, or you may feel like you owe that person because they spent money on you. Most women feel this way when it comes to having their dates paid for, and it creates an uncomfortable tension that shouldn’t exist in a dating relationship. If you let her…

The Best Dates for a Socially Awkward Guy

Not all of us were blessed with the ability to be in public and not completely shut down. Socially awkward guys might have a tough time putting themselves out there to get a date and have a good time, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to. If you’re one of those guys you’ll feel better to know that there are ways to date, even if you aren’t the slickest eel in the ocean. A few key dates can at least help you get over your weirdness around her and hopefully start up something. The Movies Other people might say that it seems really clich

Is Being in a Band Still Going to Get You Chicks When You’re over 30?

So you never became a rock star. You and the boys still like to get together and churn out some music. But lately, you’ve started to wonder: is bragging to women that you’re in a band still impressive, or does it make you look immature? We’re not talking about quitting the band, but should you mention that when you’re trying to impress a woman at the bar? Should it be a cornerstone of your online dating profile, or should you skip it all together now that you’re not in your 20s anymore? Staying Youthful Bags You Ladies Who Are Young ) There’s a large percentage of young women who like older men. You seem experienced, world weary, just the right amount of experience to make them think that you’ve seen it all. Not to mention the fact that you’ve had a few extra years to get experience in bed that the co-ed down the hall she’s used to being with couldn’t even begin to match. Young women want older guys. If you look like a cool older guy, you’re all but guaranteed to score. She’ll love that you’re in a band because it makes you seem like you’re young at heart-and you are. Remember, 31 is only old to a…

Hooking Up with an Immature Woman

Not every guy gets their first pick in the dating field. You might want tall, brunette, and intelligent but often times you can get just about the opposite. Some might consider you lucky if you can get a young sexy woman who’s barely legal. At first it will seem awesome. She’s perky in all of the right places, giggly, and knows how to have fun. But after a while things might start going south. She won’t care about your age or even that you have very little in common, but she will start acting her own age. What does that mean, exactly? Be Prepared for Whining An immature young woman isn’t going to have the logic or reason that older women posses. There may not even be a lot of it then, but at least it’s there. She’ll want to complain or whine about all of those stupid things that you’ve already gone through. Maybe she’s got a dead end job or her friends ditched her for a party last week. To you it seems totally trivial but for her it’s the end of the world. She might even start to whine about you not spending time or money on her. What You Can Do About It Take all of…


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