What to Do When She Hates Everything You Like

The dating world isn’t the easiest to navigate through. Chances that you’ll find a match perfect in every way that shares all of your interests are slim to none. We’re not saying there aren’t any hot women out there looking for someone to date because there are. We are saying that it’s going to be tough to find one who likes all the things you like. That fact brings up the issues of compatibility. You might land a date with a woman you’re genuinely interested in only to find that you have little to nothing in common. This doesn’t mean that you stand no chance. It does mean that you have to be patient and a little innovative. Be Open-Minded ) Like we said, finding a woman who is passionate about everything you’re passionate about is difficult to do. It’s still possible to date and be happy with someone that you don’t have much in common with. A key component to that process is being open-minded. So she has little to no affinity to your taste in music-does that mean that you don’t like hers? You won’t know until you try. So invite her to share her music library with you one night over drinks at your place. You might…

What to Do When She Buys You a Nicer Gift

Any couple that hasn’t been together that long on Valentine’s day as asked themselves this question: how much are they going to get me? You don’t want to be that guy who totally goes all out over a small event. Or maybe you and she have been together for three months, six months, or a year, and you’re just not feeling super hot about it anymore. You pick her out a nice gift, and then when you swap she’s holding a love trinket while you’ve struck gold. How can you handle a situation like that with aplomb? Blame Shipping Delays If there’s one thing she should be able to understand, it’s that men procrastinate. You got her a really great gift, and you thought that it was going to be there in time. So you just picked something up for her locally so you wouldn’t show up empty handed. Boy, is your face red. But when it gets here, you’re going to throw her a dinner that’s just as romantic as the one you’re having right now. Just to make it up to her. She might see through this and she might not, but either way you have time to go home and order her something nicer. When it does…

How to Get a New Wardrobe On a Budget

Sometimes it can be difficult to start dating when you feel like you’re tired of looking and dressing the same way all the time. When this happens, one of the easiest ways to get yourself out of a slump is to change up your wardrobe. Obviously, buying brand new clothes can quickly become expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to create a new to your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost that you would spend in department stores. Hit the Thrifts A lot of people like to turn their noses up at the idea of shopping at the thrift shop, but these people clearly have no idea how many awesome things you can buy at a thrift store. If you’re still trying to figure out your wardrobe and whether or not you want to stick to one specific style or if you want to do a bit of experimenting, shopping at a thrift store could be a perfect idea for you. Believe it or not, thrift stores have everything from suits to gym shorts. If don’t know where to begin, you can start by thinking about a couple of different styles such as the hipster, the rugged, or the sophisticated look. Do a quick online search of what these styles…

How To Date a Religious Girl

It might seem counter-intuitive to think about dating or hooking up with a girl who says she’s religious, but it really isn’t as much of a dead end as you think. A lot of girls who describe themselves as religious still have sex, and are just as kinky – or kinkier – in bed than girls who are not. Why Date a Religious Girl Girls who come from religious homes or attended religious schools, tend to have gotten conflicting messages about sex and boundaries in sex. There’s a reason why there’s a stereotype of religious girls giving great blowjobs. To a religious girl, everything about sex is kinky and “dirty”, and there is nothing hotter and more of a turn on a lot of girls than kinky sex. Her Religion Makes a Difference People hold a wide variety of religious beliefs, so your first step in figuring out if there’s a possibility that you and she can work is to figure out exactly what religion this girl belongs to and what beliefs she follows. If you already know that she’s religious, it’s probably because she’s told you or posted it in her profile. If she belongs to one of the Christian religions, then her beliefs about sex might include prohibitions…

Have the Freedom of Casual Even When You’re Committed

You’re really into your committed girlfriend, but you miss some parts of your old bachelor life. You don’t want to trade in your sex life for freedom, so what can you do? With these three methods of attack you can find yourself with tons of freedom and still have a girlfriend to boot! Have a Schedule for Meeting You’re just the kind of guy who needs a lot of structure in your life. Or, if you’re not, you’ve decided to become the kind of guy who needs a lot of structure in his life. Either way, set up the evenings that you’re going to spend with her, and work out how attentive you need to be to her texts and calls. Once you’ve worked out the evenings and days (and nights) you’re going to be spending with her, make that time just about her. The rest of the time? That’s your time. Use it as you see fit. Be Supportive of Her Going Out If your girlfriend spends every night at home, she’s not going to be as open to you going out and doing whatever you want. She’s going to want you home with her instead of out with the guys. The simple solution? Have her go out more!…


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