What to Do When You Think You’ve Upset Her?

There are few things worst than going on a date with a woman and saying or doing something that offends or upsets her. When you find yourself in that situation, getting out of it may seem tricky. However, if you clear things up right away, it’s easy to move pass it without much harm done. Apologize ) We know it may go against everything you stand for, but when you’ve done something that you’re pretty sure has upset her it’s best to apologize and get it over with. A lot of times, it seems as though women will never be satisfied even after you’ve apologized, but we’ve found that this typically deals with how you apologize to them. One of the worst things you can do is make up an excuse for why you upset her in the first place. For instance, if you’ve just told an offensive joke that she didn’t like, do not apologize by saying you didn’t realize it would upset her or that she was sensitive to that type of joke. This type of apology will just make things worse. If you absolutely have to find something to blame your behavior on, tell her that you made the joke because she’s beautiful and you’re nervous and…

How to Plan a Hot Weekend Getaway

Going out of town with a hot new fling is a fantasy come true for most guys. If you met the girl online, you’ve probably worked hard to reach this point. Unless you’ve discussed and agreed otherwise beforehand, if she’s said “yes” to a weekend getaway with you, it’s a pretty sure thing that there will be sex involved. A weekend getaway with her will not be like that weekend you had with the guys so if you want to pull this off, you’ll actually need to put in a little more time than you did then. Take Care of the Boring Stuff While stuff like hotel arrangements and plane tickets might not be foremost on your mind, they’re a necessary evil you need to take care of so you can focus on your real purpose. Check – and double check – that your hotel or other lodging is reserved for the correct nights. You do not want your limited time with her to be tied up in trying to find another hotel in the area. The same goes for plane or train tickets if that’s how you’re traveling. If you’re going to be driving down, make sure your car is in good condition and that you’ve got some kind…

How to Ask for an Open Relationship

Asking for an open relationship is hard in this monogamous culture. Women like to believe the rom-com story of the one person who can be your one and only. But in real life, that’s not always true. People just settle for who they can keep rather than seeking fulfillment in all areas of their life. If you want to ask your lady for an open relationship, here’s how to do it so that she doesn’t just hear “I want to sleep with other women, but I don’t want you to be mad about it.” Pick Your Moment You should only ask her this if the two of you are happy together, but it’s not a particularly intimate moment. If you’re looking deeply into her eyes under the stars, she’s only going to be thinking about you and her. Maybe go for a walk after lunch one day and just bring it up. If she seems like she’s not going to even listen to you, just back off. You can’t rush this. Sell the Philosophy Angle If you really want to get her to agree to this, you have to make her see that this is more than just sex. You’ll have to open her eyes to the theories behind polyamory…

Exit Strategies for Disastrous Dates

Considering how hard it can be to land a date in the first place, it might seem counter-intuitive to contemplate ways to ditch a date, but the truth is sometimes things just don’t work out in a major way. It might be a date where there’s no physical attraction at all – maybe she used an old photo of herself to lie about her looks or body type. Or maybe she misled you about her personality when you were getting to know her online, and in person she’s getting on your last nerve. Either way, you don’t want to waste any more of your time with her, when you could be looking for a girl who actually comes close to what you’re looking for. Some chicks can handle a straightforward “This isn’t going to work out, sorry.” Others can’t, and will not hesitate to make a scene if you dump her. If it looks like you’re dealing with the latter, what you need is a plan to exit your disastrous date. Create an Emergency This is a tried and true method because it works. Get to the restroom, call a friend and have him call your phone in 15 minutes. When you get the call, pretend it’s your boss, parent,…


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