Whether or Not to Give Gifts on Dates

) When you start going out on dates regularly, you might be tempted to bring along a gift to give to your date. After all, bringing flowers or chocolates to your girlfriend or hookup can only be a good thing that will make her much more likely to want to go further with you, right? Unfortunately, sometimes it might not be a good idea to give gifts on dates. It can be difficult to know when to give a gift on a date and when to forgo the gift-giving, but if you think ahead and plan carefully you should be able to get the hang of it. Knowing if She Wants to be Spoiled or Not Some women you’ll meet and date have an inherent desire to be spoiled. While this can wind up being bad for your wallet, some women might just be worth it. If you wind up dating or hooking up with a woman who wants to be spoiled, bringing her a present on your date will be sure to really get you into her good graces. Knowing if a woman wants to be spoiled can sometimes be tricky, but other times it will be completely obvious. For example, if she seems to be more inclined to…

Romantic Date Ideas That Are Actually Cheesy

Taking a girl out on a romantic date is one of the best and easiest ways to make sure she really appreciates you. It can also really set you apart from the other guys, since most women only ever get taken out on typical, boring dates. When you’re trying to decide what kind of romantic date to take her on, however, you should be considerate of the fact that some things you might think are romantic are actually extremely cheesy and overdone. Taking a girl out on one of these dates will most likely have the opposite affect that you’re going for, so there are definitely some things you should be watching out for. Cooking Dinner Together Cooking dinner together might seem like a romantic date, but there are far too many ways it can possibly go wrong. It can also be drastically cheesy if you lack the proper chemistry with your date, so this is a date idea you should probably shelf until you’re in a committed relationship where messing things up can seem cute instead of awkward. There are too many factors that can lead to this type of date being a disaster. Obviously, if you can’t cook, this is a date you should completely strike off the…

Hooking Up with an Immature Woman

Not every guy gets their first pick in the dating field. You might want tall, brunette, and intelligent but often times you can get just about the opposite. Some might consider you lucky if you can get a young sexy woman who’s barely legal. At first it will seem awesome. She’s perky in all of the right places, giggly, and knows how to have fun. But after a while things might start going south. She won’t care about your age or even that you have very little in common, but she will start acting her own age. What does that mean, exactly? Be Prepared for Whining An immature young woman isn’t going to have the logic or reason that older women posses. There may not even be a lot of it then, but at least it’s there. She’ll want to complain or whine about all of those stupid things that you’ve already gone through. Maybe she’s got a dead end job or her friends ditched her for a party last week. To you it seems totally trivial but for her it’s the end of the world. She might even start to whine about you not spending time or money on her. What You Can Do About It Take all of…


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