Hooking Up with an Immature Woman

Not every guy gets their first pick in the dating field. You might want tall, brunette, and intelligent but often times you can get just about the opposite. Some might consider you lucky if you can get a young sexy woman who’s barely legal. At first it will seem awesome. She’s perky in all of the right places, giggly, and knows how to have fun. But after a while things might start going south. She won’t care about your age or even that you have very little in common, but she will start acting her own age. What does that mean, exactly? Be Prepared for Whining An immature young woman isn’t going to have the logic or reason that older women posses. There may not even be a lot of it then, but at least it’s there. She’ll want to complain or whine about all of those stupid things that you’ve already gone through. Maybe she’s got a dead end job or her friends ditched her for a party last week. To you it seems totally trivial but for her it’s the end of the world. She might even start to whine about you not spending time or money on her. What You Can Do About It Take all of…

Hooking Up with a Boring Woman (But At Least She’s Hot)

Sometimes you might end up living in a place where the pickings are pretty slim. The women might be unattractive, rude, or sleep around. Consider yourself lucky. Some men have to sink so low as to hook up with a boring woman. It doesn’t sound like the worst thing when you say it out loud, but think about it. When you’re having a fling with someone whose personality is as colorful as white bread you’re going to get bored along with her really quickly. The only saving grace she’s got is that she’s sexy. So how can you deal? Accept It Having sex with a boring woman and expecting her to scream like a banshee is just stupid. She’s most likely going to become a dead fish (not the squirming kind, the kind that’s been rotting in the boat). She’ll lay there and take what you’ve got, but not really do much in turn. Her bouncing bosom might be enough to quell your eyes, but that’s about all that’s going to happen on her end. What You Can Do About It You might be tempted to actually put a lot of effort in for a while. Maybe your amazing dick will be what breaks her boring shell. But most likely…

A Basic Guide to Public Sex

Public sex is a common fantasy that most people don’t act on. If you want to take your sex life to the next level this is an easy way to do it. The risk creates a pulse-pounding surge of interest even if there isn’t much chance of you getting caught. You’ll look like a bold man to your lady. It’s a win-win situation. Here’s how you can get started. Picking a Spot When you’re just starting out with public sex your first stop shouldn’t be the steps of the courthouse at noon. You need to start small. Trust us, you’ll still get a major thrill out of it. Start by heading to the park. Sex on a blanket on some grass is memorable and a great, gentle start for your first time doing the deed outside of a house. Some general tips for your first time out of doors includes scoping the place out before hand. If a normally empty hiking trail is on the route for a public jogging club every Thursday afternoon, that’s something that you should really know before you take your sweetheart there. Making Sure You Get the Job Done Anyone who’s ever been in a school play knows that performing in public is a lot…


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