The Best Dates to Go On for a Competitive Guy

All right, it’s not the worst quality to have, but being competitive can have its drawbacks. Most people have a certain edge in them that makes them want to win. But some go a little bit overboard and can freak their date out with how much they want to show off or win. There’s a balance to be found between letting your lady know that you’re really good at whatever it is that you’re doing and being overbearing. Choosing a date setting that can compliment what you’ve got going on instead of fighting it is a key factor to doing this. Just Dance Going out and dancing or taking a class together will be a sexy date overall, but even better than that you’ll be able to show off. But you won’t be a tool bag; instead you’ll look like an excellent student who’s there for his partner. She’ll love that you’re getting into dancing with her and you’ll love that you’re better at it than the other guys. Go Rock Climbing Rock climbing is one of those things that really shouldn’t be all that fun. You put on a crotch-hugging harness and climb up a wall with a ton of fake rock handles. What’s great about it is that…

Keeping the Momentum: When Your First Online Conversation Goes Well

Only you can know how much time and effort you’ve put into your search, and how many hurdles you’ve had to get over, to arrive at the point where you finally connect with one of the ladies whose profiles caught your eye. It might have often seemed like you spent time writing interesting things about yourself, taking good photos for your profile, and sending all those messages to say hello, just to watch them to disappear into a great, black void without a response. Now finally your efforts have paid off and you’ve sparked what you think is a real start with someone. She’s responding to your messages and so far seems interested in what she’s seen of you. At this point, you’re hoping that everything continues to go well. Don’t Get Too Confident As crucial as these first initial messages were to getting the ball rolling on actually meeting up with her in person, it’s important not to think that you can sit back now and everything will continue to work out. You still need to put in the same kind of effort and thought into what you say and do that got her interested and talking to you in the first place. So that means, basically, you need…

Hooking Up with an Immature Woman

Not every guy gets their first pick in the dating field. You might want tall, brunette, and intelligent but often times you can get just about the opposite. Some might consider you lucky if you can get a young sexy woman who’s barely legal. At first it will seem awesome. She’s perky in all of the right places, giggly, and knows how to have fun. But after a while things might start going south. She won’t care about your age or even that you have very little in common, but she will start acting her own age. What does that mean, exactly? Be Prepared for Whining An immature young woman isn’t going to have the logic or reason that older women posses. There may not even be a lot of it then, but at least it’s there. She’ll want to complain or whine about all of those stupid things that you’ve already gone through. Maybe she’s got a dead end job or her friends ditched her for a party last week. To you it seems totally trivial but for her it’s the end of the world. She might even start to whine about you not spending time or money on her. What You Can Do About It Take all of…

3 Reasons to Date College Women

Dating college women is great. Most college women are fun and exciting and offer you something that older women just don’t have. If you’ve been thinking about dating a college woman, you should look at the advantages of dating them. If you’re a busy man or don’t like when women are too clingy, dating a college woman could be a great option for you. They Won’t Cling One of the best reasons to date college women is that they won’t cling to you. While it seems like they may, especially if they’re struggling college students, most women in college are so busy with classwork, papers, and part-time jobs, they don’t have time to cling to you all day and night. In fact, if you’re dating a college woman, you may only see her once or twice a week. When you do see her, she’ll probably be so stressed out from studying, all she’ll want to do is release some pent up tension. They’re Easy to Cheat On Similar to the reason why they won’t cling, college women are easy to cheat on because they are busy. If the woman that you’re dating has classes during the day, that gives you plenty of time to hookup with flings and various no-strings…


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