Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Online Dating


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Reviewed by: UpForIt Tester


This site should be declared a natural disaster. We did get 45 replies, and that was a surprising. Most of them were spam, and that wasn't. is one of those sites that you honestly just have to roll your eyes at. We’re not really sure what this site is ‘up for’, but we seriously doubt it has anything to do with online dating…because there just aren’t any real women hanging out on this site at all.

It’s a wasteland.

Hookup Dating Scam Alert Image has long abandoned any sort of legitimate practices. It’s mostly just full of fakes and scammers, and honestly, we think it’s something of a gallery for them. During our UpForIt review, we ended up finding way more scammers than we ever wanted to see on a dating site, and that was just with the first pass. The longer we stuck around on this site, the lower our opinion of it became, and of course, the lower our UpForIt rating ended up being.

Our Three Month Test of What the Numbers Revealed

We ended up spending a total of three months on our UpForIt review, and during that time, we sent out 225 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more fakes.

UPFORIT.COM Overlay Image

We were probably wrong.

Given that we only received a total of 45 e-mails in response, we’re pretty sure this site was just destined to fail. There really weren’t any women on this site as far as we could see, anyway.

Out of those e-mails, not a single woman tried to ask us out. This means we didn’t get a single hookup, and there should definitely be no questions about why our UpForIt rating was so low.

Why Just Doesn’t Work

We hated this site, and that’s ultimately because there were so many fakes hanging around. Trying to find a real woman on this site is like finding a needle in a haystack, but with no actual ending in site.

There aren’t any women.

We’re sadly fairly certain that most of the women we ended up messaging on this site were fakes of some sort. Even if they weren’t outright fake profiles, they were probably cam girls or escorts. That’s how far this site has fallen, and that means that it’s just a complete waste of your time. in the News

Online dating is the new way to meet people as this article says, though sites like will never be able to really help you out:

This article gives you a few more tips regarding online dating, though we really agree that never should be bothered with: Verdict: Should You Use to Meet Women?

There’s nothing about that really makes us want to recommend it, and in fact, we’d rather you just stayed as far away as possible. Check out our number one site,, instead. You’ll actually get laid, and have a fun time doing it.

25 Responses to “Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Online Dating”

  1. Eastern Postal

    I want to review but I don’t think I can do it in a clear and coherent way. I just hated this site so much so I don’t think I can actually write a good one.

  2. Mel Shirey

    In comparison to every other site I’ve used this one is terrible. That name is stupid and the design of the site is very lackluster compared to others that look much better in my opinion.

  3. Garland

    I don’t know if the site is trying to scam me out of money or what. I keep getting page load messages and I don’t know if it’s bc the site sucks or bc I don’t have a good profile.

  4. Lion Morbid seems legit enough. I’ve seen tons of other sites that look just like it so I guess it’s alright. I need to start using it before I can actually form a real opinion tbh.

  5. Needless Rotten Rebel

    If there’s anything good on this site, I must have missed it. I’m not sure what there could be bc I was all over this site trying to figure out how to best work it.

  6. Orange Jackal

    If you want to test out, don’t bother. You’re just going to waste your time. I heard it was bad but I tried it anyway and I wish I hadn’t. It was awful imo.

  7. Moses Walker

    I can’t leave a low enough rating for this shitty excuse for a site. Honestly, whoever runs this thing should be ashamed of themselves for making this and marketing it as good. It’s so terrible.

  8. Ike

    2013 was not a good year for dating sites, I guess. All of the ones I used were terrible and they’re all getting bad reviews from me. I can’t overlook shortcomings like this, I just can’t.

  9. The Old Electron seems like a decent enough site. The name of the site makes it seem good enough at first glance but I haven’t used it yet. I’m not the person to ask about it to be honest.

  10. Rich Beta

    Sites like this seem good at first glance because they seem casual and laid-back but then, at least with this one, you start using it and realize that it’s all a fa?ade and they’re crap.

  11. Clown Temporary was definitely not one of the best sites I’ve used recently. I’m leaving a bad review because it was so hard to actually FIND anyone on here, you know? I was very disappointed tbh.

  12. Ken Aft

    No comparison necessary – this site stands on its own. Not as a beacon of light and perfection in the world of dating sites but as the lowest of the low, bottom of the barrel.

  13. Gail

    I’m thinking this site is a scam. Tbh there are lots of things that seem really sketchy to me but at first I was worried I was just being too critical. Nope, I think this site is a fake.

  14. Charlotte Ruthless Sangre

    I didn’t use for too long so I don’t remember how good it was. It’s a legit site, I can tell you that much but for any opinions beyond that I’m not really any help.

  15. Zoomlex

    Thankfully I’m away from this site now bc things are much better now. Very good now that I separated myself from the slew of bad dating sites that I was settling for.

  16. Chicken Lord

    Test out if you don’t believe me, but I guarantee that you’re going to find it just as awful and cheap as all of these bad reviews are telling you that it is, promise.

  17. Hyman Lane

    I’m not sure if a rating is even necessary. Nothing is necessary except a warning telling you that this site is a waste of time for anyone who even loads the page, let alone signs up.

  18. Freddie

    I suppose I should leave a review even tho I used this site way back in the beginning of 2013. It doesn’t matter when it’s done, all that you need to know is that the site sucks.

  19. Bitter Shower

    I can’t tell if this site I’m looking at prioritizes dating or hookups, I just can’t. It seems like it could go either way and I think I might start using it pretty soon.

  20. Geotop

    I can’t get over how bad sites like this are getting, I really can’t. It seems like they’re going downhill at an alarming rate which is bad, bc they used to be very good if I recall.

  21. Psycho Bad

    I think that deserves a review. It deserves to lose business because of the money and time I lost hoping this site would be anything more than shitty. I’m so glad I deleted my profile.

  22. Brendan Quirin, in comparison to others, is a very bad site. It just seems very poorly considered and cheaply designed when you look at it next to other more reputable sites. Can’t they at least try?

  23. Lavern

    I’m hoping that this site isn’t a scam but I think it is, so tbh I’m probably just going to stop using it in case it is really a scam. Don’t want to risk it.

  24. Eaglet Gruesome seems like a legit dating site. I’m not sure what they mean by naughty dating but I guess I’m up for it. What can it hurt, right? I’m always up for having a little fun

  25. Green Crazy Darling

    I thought I would be good to go once I found this site bc I wanted to be done looking for dating sites. I guess I don’t get that luxury because now I think I just have more headaches.


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