Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Online Dating


Review of:

Reviewed by: Flirt Tester


It was practically impossible to find a profile on this site that wasn't fake or long abandoned.

We really wanted to be able to like This site has a good concept, but honestly, the execution is so deplorable that there’s nothing that we could even come close to enjoying about this site. It all starts, of course, with the fact that just doesn’t try to advertise to women at all.

Boobs and butts don’t attract the ladies.

Hookup Dating Scam Alert Image

It must come as a surprise to all of these sites that a successful dating site needs both men and women. They just make no attempt to market to women at all, and during our Flirt review, that became a constant source of frustration for us. There’s just no way to really hookup with women on a site that doesn’t HAVE women, and that’s something that really put us off the entire time. Obviously, because of that, our Flirt rating suffered.

Our Three Month Test of What the Numbers Revealed

We spent a total of three months on our Flirt review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 225 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more scams on this site.


They probably were.

We only received a total of 57 responses from the women that we messaged. This was completely and utterly pathetic, and we couldn’t wait to make our Flirt rating be even lower.

We didn’t get a single request to meet up, and that means that this site didn’t deliver us a single hookup. If that isn’t completely and utterly useless, we really don’t know what is.

Why Just Doesn’t Work

The main issue with this site is that it’s just dead. There aren’t any real women on this site anymore, and that’s because they’ve all figured out that it’s utter crap and have left.

We can’t blame them.

This site, in turn, has just filled itself up with scammers and fake profiles. Fortunately, most of them are very easy to spot, but it doesn’t change the fact that someone might end up getting scammed at a place like this if they don’t know what to look for. It really made us nervous the entire time we were using this site, and we couldn’t wait to be done with our review because of it. Being stressed while dating isn’t what we like. in the News

Knowing how to recognize lies about BDSM while online dating is important, and that might come in handy on a scammer’s site like

There are a ton of horrible online dating experiences out there, and this article sums a site like up quite nicely: Verdict: Should You Use to Meet Women?

We wouldn’t even begin to recommend to anyone out there. It’s not a good site, you won’t get laid, and it’s basically just a huge waste of time overall. Instead, we highly recommend that you check out our number one site for sex dating, It’s our number one because it has consistently proved to use that it’s the best of the best. Our numbers don’t lie, and from extensive testing, has just consistently come out on top. Check it out, and you’ll see for yourself how good it really is.

25 Responses to “Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Online Dating”

  1. Solid Tidy Donkey gets a bad review from me this time. I’m sorry, but I can’t find anything about this site that I liked or even that seems to work right at all, personal preferences or no.

  2. Abram Crissman

    In comparison to all the other sites I’ve used this one seems like it’s geared more at a younger crowd than others so I felt a little ostracized at times tbh. That wasn’t very fun.

  3. Paris

    Scam sites are the absolute worst. You think the site’s okay and then it just turns around and fucks you over and ruins your trust in the world of dating sites and you’re left wondering where you went wrong

  4. Lava Dirty Dragon

    I’ve heard that is legit from quite a few people but I haven’t used it for myself just yet. I guess I should probably do that, right? Maybe? I should get right on that.

  5. Trustcof

    I wasn’t sure if the site was good or not at first. I didn’t know how to judge these sites at first but now that I’ve used it some more I’m almost positive this site really is terrible.

  6. Captain John Sangre

    You could test out, or you could listen to all of these reviews saying that it’s a waste of time and you should go somewhere else. I didn’t listen and I feel like I wasted so much time.

  7. Christoper Thigpen

    The site recommended I leave a review and rating but I don’t think they want me to do that. It’s not going to be nice bc I hated the time I spen on this site.

  8. Denver

    2013,, in review, was not a very good year. Not for my love life, not for my sex life, not for anything, really. I’m glad it’s over now and I can start all over again.

  9. Donkey Small

    I’ve used a few dating sites in the past but is one I hadn’t heard of until recently. I wonder what that says about the quality of the site…surely if it was good ppl would talk about it, right?

  10. Bad Ape

    Sites like this don’t impress me much. I’m never sure if I’m judging them too harshly or what, but they just aren’t good. It’s sad but true, and I’m tired of it to be honest.

  11. Brave Lord

    Sure, I’ll review, but only to say that I don’t think this site loaded even once out of every five times I tried to load it. That’s really frustrating when I need things to work.

  12. Landon Nickolson

    I think going back to using no dating sites at all would be better in comparison than continuing to use this trainwreck of a site and fighting my way through its incompetence. I’m so done.

  13. Marco

    The quickest way to turn me off of a site is to have it try and scam me out of money. Nothing pisses me off more than that, seriously. It’s so damn frustrating in my opinion.

  14. Roger Barbarian Grimbeard

    I wonder if I’ve found a legit dating site. I’m on and I’m wondering if I should sign up, but I’m hesitant bc I’ve used some pretty bad sites in the past. What do you think?

  15. Techhold

    I think life is good now that I’ve gotten away from this terrible site. The lack of finding people was bringing me down so I’m glad I moved away from it and deleted my profile.

  16. The Bad Sword

    I wanted to test out because someone else told me it was good, but I don’t know howt hey came ot that opinion. I used it and I wasn’t at all impressed the whole time.

  17. Shelton Gronko

    There are a lot of things I could say about this site, but the best thing I can do is leave it a low rating. Just trust me on the fact that you shouldn’t bother with this site.

  18. Alan

    Sure, I’ll leave a review. II used this site in 2013 and although it claimed it was fun and friendly, I didn’t think it was either of those things .Just a whole lot of headaches.

  19. Permanent King

    Dating needs to be easy and I’m hoping that realizes that. It seems good so far but I haven’t sent any messages and tried to actually connect with anyone yet, to tell you the truth.

  20. Dusty Laser

    I don’t think I’ll use too many more sites like this in the future, I just don’t. Every single one I’ve used recently has been such a disappointment I think they’re going downhill, sadly enough.

  21. Lynx Chicken

    I didn’t see a good review for and I wish I’d known that before I started using it. That’ll teach me to read reviews before I sign up for a site myself, I guess.

  22. Maurice Bousum

    In comparison to a lot of others I can definitely say this site was a trainwreck. On a scale of 1 to 10 it’s about a -5. I know that sounds harsh but it’s true…this site is terrible.

  23. Jessie

    Does anyone have a list of dating sites that are known scams? I’d like to add this one to the list. I’m pretty sure that half of these profiles are fake and the pics are from the internet.

  24. El Birdie seems legit. Please tell me it is and that I’m not wrong. I don’t want appearances to be deceiving and I don’t want to end up disappointed again. Too many bad dating site experiences.

  25. Finger Swift

    Not a very good site. I tried to find something I liked but everything from the profiles to the site’s design and layout seems lazy and like they aren’t even trying. I’ll go somewhere else.


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