Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Online Dating


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Reviewed by: DateHookup Tester


With only 23 responses (less than 10% guys — that's just pathetic), this site is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

This site has a very confusing image overall. It’s just sort of laughable to find a site like and try to figure out what they really are trying to accomplish, especially when they talk about hooking up and sex and long-term relationships all in the same place.

It’s just weird.

This site has a lot of ‘reviews’ talking about how they found their soul mate. It was pretty weird during our DateHookup review, especially considering how many of the fake profiles were all about hardcore sex. With that kind of conflicting image, it’s no surprise that no one really wants to join this site, and it’s definitely no surprise that our DateHookup rating ended up really suffering.

Hookup Dating Scam Alert Image

Our Three Month Test of What the Numbers Revealed

We ended up spending a total of three months on our DateHookup review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 225 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t more scams.

The results were not good.


From those 225 e-mails, we only received a total of 23 responses. This really put us off and made us realize how bad that this site was overall. It just wasn’t a good place to try and find ladies.

We didn’t get a single woman that wanted to meet with us, though we expected that. There was no chance on this site to begin with, and that’s why our DateHookup rating was never going to be good.

Why Just Doesn’t Work

This site is nothing but one big, fat scam. You can’t even go onto the front page without seeing a ton of fakes, which never bodes well when a person wants to dig into a site deeper, which is something that we always end up doing, one way or another.

There just isn’t anyone here.

Even when it comes to men, this site is empty. In a way, we’re glad that this is the case, because we really didn’t want to have a situation where we’d end up seeing a lot of sad, depressed guys wandering around. Even still, this site is just sort of pathetic, and that really isn’t the atmosphere you want for any sort of online dating. in the News

A sense of humor can go a long way in attracting women, so keep that in mind even on crappy sites like

Knowing about pain fetishes and control needs in BDSM is very important, and sites like will never teach you like this article will: Verdict: Should You Use to Meet Women?

We’d never even come close to recommending to people that legitimately want to date. This site is among the worst that we’ve ever seen, and instead, we highly recommend that you check out our number one site, It’s the best of the best without a doubt, and that’s why we constantly want you to check it out.

25 Responses to “Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Online Dating”

  1. Stringzumdom

    I believe a review is in order for, but sadly not a very impressed one this time. Sorry, but I can’t find a single thing I liked about the site and idk why people are still using it.

  2. Rudy Armitage

    There’s no comparison needed to fully understand that this site is a piece of worthless shit. Just use it for longer than five minutes and everything will become clear, trust me on that much guys.

  3. Jeff

    I’m almost certain this site and all the others like it are a scam. I’m just really distrustful of dating sites as a whole after a bad experience with another dating site from forever ago.

  4. Forsaken Endless Chick

    It seems legit that swears it’s 100% free. I like that and that’s a practice I can definitely get behind bc I hate paying for these things. It seems so unnecessary in my opinion.

  5. Unisoft

    I don’t think this site is very good. I was worried I was being too harsh and picky but then I read all these reviews and it turns out that no one likes it either.

  6. Color Goldbeast

    I signed up to test out for a blog I write and I’m glad I didn’t have to use it for too long bc this was so bad it was literally painful. Trust me.

  7. Long Rose

    Rating this site low is the logical choice of action after how bad it was. Just look at the layout. It looks so cheap it isn’t even funny. It looks like a teenage web design student made it.

  8. Joshua

    I know I need to leave a long review for this site on y blog but I don’t want to. I just want to distance myself from it and all the other sites I used in 2013.

  9. White Nathan Redblade

    Their page says that they’re one of the biggest dating sites around so that has to be good, right? It’s weird though, I’d never heard of before now, but I’m looking into it now.

  10. Stringbam

    I don’t want to use any more sites like this. I keep giving them second chances and they keep disappointing me yet again so I’m pretty sure that I’m just done at this point tbh.

  11. Homeless Flapper gets a review but this time it isn’t a very nice one. I didn’t like a single thing about this site and I don?t know how it has any good reviews with everything wrong with it.

  12. Calvin Lazzo

    I don?t know why there are so many people that still seem to be using this site. I’ve used so many that are so much better in comparison so I think ppl should go there.

  13. Emery

    Does anyone else think this site is a scam? Maybe I’m just being paranoid but it definitely reads that way to me. I hope I’m wrong but I dobut I am at this point tbh.

  14. Omega Foghorn

    I heard that was legit from more than one friend so now I’m signing up to find out for myself once and for all. I’ll let you all know how it goes, trust me.

  15. The Goat

    I had such high hopes for this site and I was expecting it to be so good but I was sadly very disappointed. It looked so simple but it turns out I was confusing simple with cheap.

  16. Mandrill Golden

    I had to test out for a review I wrote and I’m sorry I had to ever spend time on that sorry excuse for a dating and hookup site. It’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  17. Winston Paul

    I have to give a low rating bc I think that despite its simple appearance, this site is very difficult to navigate and I didn’t like that about it at all. Change that and it might be good.

  18. Fidel

    I didn’t leave a lot of reviews in 2013 so I’m leaving them now. I remember this site clearly and I also remember not liking it in the slightest, so I have nothing good to say.

  19. Trooper Cute

    I used instead of dating in real life, so to speak, for quite some time. I don?t remember much about the site though, because it’s beenso long since I used it to be honest.

  20. Airmen Skinny

    Sites like this are great whenthey wrok and terrible, god-awful wastes of time when they don’t . I’m better of without them and you probably will be, too. Don’t even bother signing up or you’ll regret it.

  21. The Frog

    A review is in order for the sorry excuse for a site that is I hated all the time I spent on this site and I’m sorry to anyone who’s stuck on it because they got scammed.

  22. Stevie Butterfill

    In comparison to a lof of other sites I’ve used you can really tell just how cheap this one is. It doesn’t seem like the designers are even trying, so why should I use it at all?

  23. Abe

    I think this site is a scam. I’m not sure about that, but I’m pretty close to it. I don’t know how this site doesn’t read as a scam to anyone else, to be honest.

  24. Gloomy Temple

    I think is legit, right? I haven’t used a lot of dating sites so I don’t think I’m a good first glance judge of a site’s worth. Someone help me out here. I’d appreciate it.

  25. Richy Gladiator

    This site isn’t good and they HAVE tobe lying about that whole ‘one of the biggest dating sites around’ promise. There’s no way they aren’t, because I don’t know who in their right mind would use it.


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