Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Online Dating


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Reviewed by: AdultFinder Tester


From the lousy layout to the frequent crashes, it's not a surprise that the results from this site were THIS bad.

We’re not really sure what the point of this site is., just in case you need to find an adult! It makes us all sound like we’re five year olds that are lost in the mall, and we really do wish that was what this site was about, honestly. It would almost be better.

This site is pathetic.

Hookup Dating Scam Alert Image

You really can’t find any real women on, and that’s probably because they’re as turned off by the name as we are. On top of this, this site does nothing but cater to men. During our AdultFinder review, we mostly ended up faced with a ton of boobs and butts galore, which, of course, just irritates the ladies and makes them pretty inclined to leave overall. We can’t blame them; it really put a damper on our AdultFinder rating.

Our Three Month Test of What the Numbers Revealed

We ended up spending a total of three months on our AdultFinder review, and during that time, we sent out 225 e-mails to women that we found on this particular site.


We weren’t happy.

From those 225 e-mails, we only received a total of 31 responses. This was obviously nowhere close to the numbers that we really needed to be happy on this site.

We didn’t get a single offer to meet up, and so that means that of course, we didn’t get to hookup on this site at all. It was a complete waste of our time, and our AdultFinder rating really reflects that.

Why Just Doesn’t Work

There’s nothing about this site that isn’t a scam in our eyes, but honestly, our least favorite things are usually the fact that it only advertises to men. So many sites could fix their issues by appealing to women, but they just don’t care about that.

Boobs and butts aren’t gonna bring in the ladies.

So many sites just try to get men to join…and then they wonder why their sites fail. It’s sort of baffling that they’re so clueless, because seriously; there’s no woman alive that is going to want to be on a site that doesn’t have an intimate, fun vibe. in the News

There are many different kinds of submission in BDSM, and this article covers the basics in a way that simply never will:

There are many kinds of female orgasms, and it’s good to know all about them, even though you’ll never meet a real woman on Verdict: Should You Use to Meet Women?

We really didn’t like, and the numbers don’t lie. This isn’t a good site at all, and that’s why we’d never recommend it to you. Instead, we highly suggest that you check out, our number one site. It’s fun, easy to use, and very safe when it comes to online sex dating. That’s why we really love it!

25 Responses to “Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Online Dating”

  1. Jeromy

    I decided to review after I realized it wasn’t very good. I don?t leave comments when a site is good but when it’s bad, oh you can bet I’ll let everyone know that fact.

  2. Flash Navy Skunk

    This site is so damn bad in comparison to all the others I’ve used that I can’t even believe it’s still on the web. How has someone not shut this awful site down by now?

  3. Williams Ulery

    Odds are that this site is just another scam. I don’t care how clean the homepage looks, it’s probably still a scam like every single other dating site on the web right now. So frustrating.

  4. Moshe

    The woman on the homepage of is pretty so the site can’t be too bad, right? It seems legit and at least all the links work, unlike on other sites, at least there’s that.

  5. Stud Dangerous

    I’m so glad I got away from this site and its toxic influence. Trust me, the people on here are just not good. They’re weird and quite honestly no one I want to talk to.

  6. Emmett

    I wanted to test out because I’d heard about it more than any other dating or hookup site but then I heard something else that made me not want to use it ever again.

  7. Maximum Bitter Donkey

    I can’t even assign a rating to this site because anything above a 0 seems too generous. I hate this site and anyone who’s still using it clearly has no taste. Come to your senses.

  8. Glenn Warren

    2013 wasn’t a good year for dating sites. There were sites I’d used before and left good reviews on that suddenly sucked when I used them again, so I don’t know what happened there tbh.

  9. Augustus

    I’ve been wanting to get back into dating and I think I might try to see if I can ease back into it. Dating isn’t as easy for an older guy so I need to be cool.

  10. The Reborn Queen

    I don’t know what to do with sites like this. Are you supposed to just take them with a grain of salt or are you supposed to really understand them for how bad they really are?

  11. Jim

    I believe a review of is in order, but sadly it’s not a praising one. This site sn’t worthy of any praise bc if it was, I’d be there to give t. I’m honest.

  12. Scarlet Weasel

    There’s no comparison when you place this site against others, I just don’t think there is. Everything about this site is so bad I don’t think I’ve ever used anything else this bad. Honest opinion.

  13. Alvin Sayre

    I think this site and dating sites in general are part of one big scam and they’re all out to get our money. That pisses me off and I don’t want to use any more.

  14. Lucius

    I’ve used and I know other people who used it so it’s definitely a legit site. I just don’t remember if I had any thoughts about the way it worked or anything like that.

  15. Boiling Jackal

    This site isn’t good, so I’ll just move on to another one. I have a long list of ones I want to try to talk to women on and I’m just onto the next one now.

  16. Eddie

    I decided to test out after recommendations from a user on a forum I’m on but I’m sad I did. I don’t know what was up with that person’s taste, because this site is terrible.

  17. Honey Needless

    Rating this site lowly is easy. I just remembered that I didn’t like one single thing about it and hating it came easily. I don’t have much to say besides the fact that the site sucks.

  18. Woodrow Smail

    Looking back at 2013 in review, I think I would have enjoyed dating sites a lot more if I wasn’t expecting them all to be perfect. You have to take them with a grain of salt.

  19. Milton

    Dating can be such a pain the ass sometimes, and tbh I used for a small period of time last year but I don’t remember if I met anyone on there. I’m not much help.

  20. Kayzumlab

    Sites like this make me angry because they look so good when you first start out using them but then they just fuck you over. It’s a really dirty trick and I’m very tired of it.

  21. Quinton

    I’ll review but only because I want people to know that it just isn’t very good. Trust me on this – you’re better off not even trying out this site. It’s onegiant headache imo.

  22. Los Parrot

    If anyone tries to make a comparison that has anything to do with this site being good, I want to know what’s wrong with them. They either have no taste or are very stupid imo.

  23. Refugio Marshall

    I think this site tries to scam people out of money and they get away with it bc they’re a big popular site. Don’t use your reputation to fuck people over, guys. That’s just rude.

  24. Paris is probably the only one fo the popular dating sites that I’ve heard of, so I guess reputation might mean a lot this time. I hope it’s legit, bc I’m going to start using it.

  25. Dripsing

    If anyone tells you this site is good, please don’t listen to them. You’re going to regret your decisions if you sign up, so just take my advice and stay away from this one , guys.


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